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I have a gunk problem on some IBM laptops.Gunk is from an aluminum
security tag and it isn't stick, nor soft. It's hard as rock stuck to
the outer surface of a laptop's display. I am open to any ideas on how
to remove gunk and maybe a recommandation on gunk removal will be
appreciated. I need specific brand and model name information(link to
web store would be a plus).

Thank you.


Re: gunk on laptop problem

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You maybe out of luck. It looks like residue from super glue. Trying to
remove it would probably damage the plastic.

Re: gunk on laptop problem

Mike Holder wrote:
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I've no better news.

Doesn't look like damage from Gunk(tm), engine cleaning solution.  I'd
guess that the 'theftpruf' label worked much as an asset tracking tag.
That type of tag has pre-applied adhesive that is activated by a solvent
(some use methyl alcohol, others use organic solvents similar to MEK or
ABS cement.)  Looks like the activator did a real number on the plastic lid.

Punchline is that the tag did it's job--as designed, and permanently
damaged the lid.

I'd mask off the IBM logo, sand down the rough surface, clean out the
rough spots and fill with auto body filler (Bondo), do a fine sand and
refinish the lid:  Latex based primer, then a flat black latex-based
paint.  That will give you a finish similar to rubberized finish on
older Thinkpads.


Re: gunk on laptop problem

On Tue, 1 May 2007 16:24:53 -0500, "Mike Holder"

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I recall reading about a person who is renovating antiques, among them
freshing up chinaware that had been broken and glued together.

She said that the only stuff that would be useful in removig superglue
is _pineapple juice_.

She would soak the chinaware in juice for some time, probably for
days, and then it would peel off. I don't think you should soak the
Thinkpad but maybe you could brush on some drops of juice.

It may well dissolve the rubbery paint too though.


Re: gunk on laptop problem

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If it's super glue, soak it with fingernail polish remover on a piece
of paper towel, after first testing remover vs the plastic.

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