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Hi everyone.  I just picked up a toshiba notebook with an Intel 945GM
Express chipset.  I realize this isn't a performance chipset, but I
don't really play that many games.  Usually, I use the xbox & ps2 for

When I do play games, I don't play first person shooters. At the
moment, I'm mainly interested in titan quest which is pc only.  It's
basically a diablo clone with prettier graphics.  The video
requirements on the box talk only about nvidia and ati.  So it's hard
for me to know how this chipset stacks up.  Would this chipset be
capable of playing titan quest reasonably well?  What nvidia or ati
offerings would the performance of this intel chipset be comparable to?
 The minimum requirements for titan quest was a geforce 3 with 64 megs
of video memory.  That seems fairly low to me.


Re: Graphics performance

brianlanning wrote:
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Is it Ati? Is it nVidia? No!
So no guarantees....

Set minimum video size to 64MB or more..

Read this page
all th way to the bottom and pages 1,2,3,4,5,6,....

Re: Graphics performance

MegaMad wrote:
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For the record, it didn't work.  Not because the performance was bad,
but because titan quest seems to examine the video chipset up front.
And if it doesn't find ati or nvidia, it simply gives up.   Same for
the geforce4mx I had in my desktop.  I went out and bought a new video
card last night for the desktop machine.  It's an ati x1300. The game
suggested middle of the road performance settings.  I cranked them all
up to the highest settings and it works fine.  It's a little jerky on
occasion, but plays fine.  If you want to play this on a notebook,
you'll definitly need one of the gaming chipsets.  From reading the
boxes, it has the same performance requirements as oblivion.


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