Good Site to find Hard Drive Caddy??

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Hello everyone,

I have an Asus A1 series laptop. I am looking for a hard drive caddy
for it. I have e-mailed every ebay store that sells caddy looking for
this part. (oh, there were a lot, but I managed to ask em all)

There are websites that carry caddies for every Dell, Toshiba, and HP
even IBMs  out there but none for ASUS notebooks.  Why are ASUS
notebooks such an outcast??

Does anyone know of websites that might have "generic" caddies that fit
all ? Is there a place/website/junk dealer that might have a hard drive
caddy for this old laptop.

I have a brand new hard drive sitting at my desk, but cannot use it
till I find the caddy. =(
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much in advance.

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