Good Site(s) for Researching Laptops and Their Hardware?

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I would appreciate some recommendations on good websites for a person to
read in regard to researching *current* laptop technologies.  I am looking
to buy one and am pretty computer savvy with desktop PC building but I am
just not up to speed on how laptop versions of AMD x2 compares to Core Duo
vs. Core Duo 2, which laptop video systems are good vs. crap (I want
something that will run aero glass well), etc.  I have tried Googling but I
just get sites that are really ads or are out of date.  ANR Technica has a
nice buying guide with recommendations for desktop PCs and I am just
wondering if there is something like that for laptops.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Good Site(s) for Researching Laptops and Their Hardware?

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Maybe you've been to the following already.

The 'generic' starting point seems to be:

or  <

Technet2 indicates the minimum is a WDDM 2.x
driver with a Direct-X, 9-class capability
and Pixel Shading 2.x.

However, WDDM 3.x and Pixel Shader 3.x specs
are out there so the Technet suggestions are
out of date.

Here's NVIDIA's page for laptop support:

Yup, ATI's stuff seems clouded with marketing

Suggest:  Ignore webpages, including many on
Technet, that refer to "LDDM."

If you must buy now, suggest visit Fry's or
Computer City and bring up the GPU driver
descriptions on real machines.  Look for
machines that come up with Glass using 3.x
level drivers.

I'm still waiting for SP-3 for Win-XP -- my
XP machines are laden with over 100 piecemeal
updates since SP-2 was installed several
years ago. I think we're in Generation 0.9
for hardware & graphics driver support of
Vista.  My hunch is that the 'update'
situation will be worse for Vista than it was
for XP.  I've been burned by 'interim'
hardware solutions to Microsoft stuff; so, my
money stays in my pocket.  I'll feel better
after a major service pack.


Re: Good Site(s) for Researching Laptops and Their Hardware?

Thanks for the info., PJ.  I guess it is just a bunch of research on
individual parts and then trying to string it all together on your own.  One
thing is for sure, the sales-rats at the stores are totally clueless and
would rather BS you than admit they don't know anything!

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