Good laptop pc card capture card options for video?

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I'm seeking a decent capture device for a laptop to capture video
svideo and rca stereo cables.. I'll be recording it right onto the
single harddrive inside the unit ( i thought about doing the seperate
external drive, but for now ill try the internal one)...

I'd say I'd want at least "DVD" resolution, even though yeah, its

Do they even make any Laptop capture devices for component video or
hdmi (for HD quality)..

This device has to be a PC card, as I dont have a express card slot

Here are a few I did find, not sure how good they are though (i dont
think i really need a tuner, though it wouldnt hurt, but would like
keep cost minimal):

MTVCBMCER AverMedia (has tuner, more expensive) $138

Sabrent TV-PCB05 http://www.chiefvaluecom/product/pro...ies%20Notebook
$36.99 Vista? Mpeg2?

Kworld vs- usb2800 $39.99
30fps 720x480, mpg1,2,4

I'm guessing all these are capable of Mpeg 2? Mpeg 4 would be a
but i think i need mpeg2 minimally? I'd also like it to work in

Right now the Sabrent has the right price, but may not have mpeg2 or
vista.. Nor do I know how the reviews are on that one..

I also really hadnt considered the USB variety..

So in summary.. My goal would be a good quality PC card one, with
mpeg2 and vista compatibility i suppose...


Re: Good laptop pc card capture card options for video?

On Nov 8, 12:07 pm, wrote:
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I just did something similar to what you are about to do. I recorded a
program on my DVR, and have not been able to upload that to my PC,
so I hooked up my Hauppauge WinTV USB unit to my laptop, connect the
R-L Audio output and video output of the DVR to my WinTV unit, and
Windows Media MovieMaker. Then I playback the recorded TV
program and clicked "start" capture. An hour later after the program
I clicked "stop" and the laptop churns for another hour converting
the temp recording file into wmv file.   I was going to sell my WinTV
but on hindsight, I've now decided to keep it just for this purpose.

Re: Good laptop pc card capture card options for video?

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I'll keep that usb type in mind, should i decide to go that route.. I
think for now I may just go with an internal PC card..

Do you just have a single harddrive in your laptop.. or dual inside or
a firewire external one for the video?

I'd probably just go with the single internal.. i dont think it will
drop frames if all it is doing is capturing.

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