Good deal for IBM T42P?

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I have been offered an IBM T42P, 18 months old for 550 pounds (about
$900). Never used IBM before, mainly Dell and HP (spit!), since it was
always out of my price range. Now, it still has18 months warranty, is
a 1.8 Centrino, 14 in LCD, 60GB hdd and is in mint cosmetic condition.
Thing is, I am finding it difficult to pay that amount when I could
buy a new model  Toshiba  for the same or less. BUT I have been
bitterly disappointed with the last 2 laptops I have owned...both
crapped out due to mainboard PSU problems( the HP after just over a
year, bad MOSFETS and shorted traces), a sure sign of poor PCB quality
 I  might add that by no means do I need cutting edge power; the only
game I would use is Civilisation and I do not run processor intensive
apps.Is the IBM worth it?  Any upcoming developments to make it
obsolete soon?


Re: Good deal for IBM T42P?

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I've worked several places where the entire mobile workforce used T42's
and liked them. Good audio/video/kb 'feel'. Personally I like IBM's
joystick vs the touchpad on the others. AND easily replacement parts -
good online website for manuals/tech info etc.
 you can check and similiar sites for reviews as they
were/are very popular PC's for the business crowd here in the states.


Re: Good deal for IBM T42P?

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Are you SURE it's a T42p? The T42p is an awsome laptop, and that
sounds like a great price.... so good it makes me skeptical.
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Charlie Hoffpauir
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Re: Good deal for IBM T42P?

On Tue, 13 Jun 2006 19:49:51 -0500, Charlie Hoffpauir

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Yes, i have double checked...but it is nearly 2 years old and has a
14in screen(but with a 1400 x 1200 native resolution). Think I will
buy it after all.

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