GHOST2003??? Need help

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anyone out there that knows all about GHOST2003 and the way it works???
I did'nt like Ghost.v9 so since GHOST2003 came with it as an addon,
I installed it and ran into problems trying to save an image from
WINXP/PRO on my C: drive over to my Maxtor 100 gbyt external  which
is Drive F:   First it warned me that I may have trouble trying to
save the image via a usb port (whats my access to the Maxtor.
So I chose USB type 1  and it seemed to work, but when I looked
at the properties of F: there ws nothing there except the GHOST2003
icon and thats all.   I wanted to keep the Ghost2003 on both the
Maxtor and also in my c: drive.  I got the bootmagic screen ok
when I reset the P4 Lenovo and it started counting for about 15
secs then finally booted up to xp/pro okay.   I need someone who
is willing to send me email direct  ( is valid.
Please include your true email addr so we can talk this thing
over.            Joe

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