GHOST V12 ??????

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I bought Ghost V12 from Comp/usa here last week, and by golly I dont
know how to use it.  I had Comp/USA techs install it and validate
it for me.  In the process the Tech found out that V12 would'nt
run with only 250 RAM, so he put in a new chip with 532 ram, and then
went ito an fixed the BIOS to accomodate the change.   I thought
that all versions of GHOST could do a compressed image.  I tried it
out and it created only a FOLDER.   I dont think it should work that
way.   There should be an image backed up from C: to G: with the
external HD thru the 4 port hub.    This cost me about $200 bux
for the program $60 and the rest for installation and validation
and adding the RAM.   Anyone out there useing Ghost V12?????

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