Getting a user manual for a Thinkpad T22

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I bought a used Thinkpad T22 on ebay.  The only manual it came with
is a Service and Troubleshooting Guide.  That Guide says that I can
access a users manual by pressing the "Thinkpad" key.  I have
pressed that key dozens of times and nothing happens.

I downloaded an exe from the Thinkpad web site (atp_t22.exe) which
was supposed to be for users who had deleted the pre-installed
manual and ran it twice but I still do not get anything when I press
the "Thinkpad" key.

Does anyone know how I can get a users manual for my Thinkpad T22?
Thank you in advance for all replies.
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Re: Getting a user manual for a Thinkpad T22

Daniel Prince wrote:
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The atp_t22.exe is the Access Thinkpad program, which is indeed the
"manual" for the T22 (IBMs dont come with printed manuals). Pressing the
Thinkpad button should bring it up if you have installed it properly. If
you can run it from the menu but not from the button, go to IBM's site
and download the Thinkpad Keyboard Customizer utility (or sth like
that), it allows you to bind keys to programs, you can bind it there.


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