Gee, I miss Patch Tuesday...

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Well, I'm about three weeks into getting used to my new MacBook Pro.
And with about three weeks to go until the next Patch Tuesday, I guess
it's time to get serious about getting Windows running on this thing.
Hey, misery is best shared, right?

Seriously though, I really *do* want to get back into the Redmond
habit, since the ability to run both Vista and OS X at the same time
was part of my justification for spending all that dough.  And to try
to keep my already obscenely swollen credit card balance from getting
any worse than necessary, I'd like to beg the indulgence of any Intel/
Mac laptoppers in this group with a few questions.

First, does anyone have any definitive knowledge as to whether an OEM
version of Vista can run virtually with Parallels Desktop, or can only
be installed and run dual-boot?  I've heard both ways on this, but I
don't understand why Microsoft would essentially turn its back on
trying to control the distribution of these cheaper versions (in case
you haven't heard, you no longer have to actually build your own
system to purchase an OEM disk, or even buy hardware with it) if the
manner in which the purchaser would deploy it were still an issue with
them.   I could see spending $140 for Vista Business OEM (as opposed
to $300 for the retail version) and running it virtually after
spending $80 more for Parallels.  $220 for the Bill/Steve Tax isn't
all that unreasonable on a $3,000 box.  For $380, however, it'll have
to wait.

Also, if there's anyone out there who still uses NetZero's free dialup-
they still offer 10 hours a month, but only for Windows users-do you
know if a virtual or dual-boot Windows running on an Intel Mac can
connect to them via their client software?  I went ahead and popped
for the Apple USB modem because my DSL provider offers a dialup option
as a hedge against outages, and I still maintain another $5 per month
dialup account (don't ask why; I don't even know myself).  I've got
the modem working with both of these in OS X, and again I've heard
both ways as to whether it'll work in Windows.  Assuming it does,
would I have any problem installing the NetZero Free software and
connecting via modem on a virtual machine?  I'm guessing that if I
have to install WIndows natively and boot into it to do this, there'll
be no problem since NetZero will see only an Intel box running
Windows.  Anyone know for sure?

Re: Gee, I miss Patch Tuesday...

Yes, Windows-crap will work on Mac Parallel-desktop.
You spend $2K for the laptop and now U want to use free dial up?
:D :D :D :D
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