Gateway with AMD 64 bit provessor

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How do AMD processors, in general, compare with Intel equivalent processors
in terms of running most software? How reliable are gateway notebooks
compared to IBM thinkpads, (now Lenovo), Dell, or Toshiba?

Re: Gateway with AMD 64 bit provessor

mapep wrote:

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Fine.  There's got to be _something_ that doesn't run but you'd have to look
hard for it.

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Their AMD64s, which are made by Arima and sold under a number of other
brands as well, have only one known problem, the plastic on the lid over
the hinges tends to crack. That was supposed to be fixed, but apparently it
wasn't.  Other than that they're fine, certainly as good as Dell.  Not
quite the match of a Thinkpad, a thinkpad will take quite a beating.  
Haven't used a Toshiba in a very long time.

Where they fall down is support--don't know if Lenovo will continue the
trend but IBM kept the drivers up for a long time.  I have a Thinkpad 770
that came with Windows 95 for which there are Windows 2000 drivers
available for download.  Gateway doesn't do nearly as well, you can't even
_find_ my AMD64 Gateway on their site.  Fortunately it's made from pretty
commonplace bits so upgrade drivers are findable, but one has to look for

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