gateway vs hp pavillion

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I am looking at a couple of laptops from and I was hoping to
get some opinions on which is better. I will be using it for surfing
the net, word processing, some programming, and watching DVD's and DivX

These are the 2 I was considering:

HP ZE2120 CNT Intel Centrino 725A 1.6GHz Laptop

Gateway 3550GZ Intel Centrino 735 1.7GHz Laptop

Can anyone give me some feedback?



Re: gateway vs hp pavillion

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I had been a long time user of an HP laptop of  nearly the same specis
described in your link  and  I am pleased with its reliability and
good  performance .

On the other hand I had read good feedbacks from Gateway  notebooks(
not specifically the item in the link,) .  but IMO  I will prefer to
buy  notebook with the brandname I am used to . .......

Re: gateway vs hp pavillion wrote:
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You pay your money and take your chances with both HP and Gateway.  Both
have some very good, reliable laptops; both have had some real

The real problem, as I see it, is Best Buy.  I've purchased a lot of
electronics over the years from BB and have never had any difficulty
with returns.  I've never had the opportunity to access BB's warranty
service, though.  If you have to access BB's warranty service for either
of these, [and do read the contract carefully; do not listen to verbal
representations] then I would go elsewhere.   If the warranty is clearly
three years of *manufacturer's* warranty, then go for it. Note that the
stock numbers for a lot of BB's offerings have a special suffix that
means 'return to BB for service' and the manufacturer will not be
responsible.  Check this thoroughly.  Ask to see the actual warranty
certificate from the box.

Both of these appear to be more or less top of the line laptops, so
there is some protection from at least HP's practice of marketing a
series at very low price with no visible means of support (almost

You might mosey over to alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000 and see what
information you turn up there.


Re: gateway vs hp pavillion

How would the Acer Travelmate series measure up to these?

Re: gateway vs hp pavillion

If I had to take a risk
Maybe with Acer Travelmate  8100 series such as the latest  8106WLMi
with 2.26 Ghz pentium M780,1 G Ram and 100 Gig HDD with 128 video
memory I would give iit a go
 It had some good  review  from some UK users.

One thing that makes me hesitant with this particular brand mane is it
is not well known to  give  the reliable perromance with the lower end
models..If others give almost 50/50 good and bad performance this one
seems to provide more of  the bad side.
Some latest units are known for good value for money but it has less
bells and whistles than the compettion . One example is the  powerfulf
reasonably priced unit
I think its in the 4100 WLmi series IMO; it has 2 G pentium M760 ,also
! G Ram and 100 har disk capacity.!

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