Gateway Solo 9550 Laptop

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I've looked thru the archives quickly and don't find any help with
this.  Hope I'm not repeating.

The machine will not come on using the battery.  It works fine with AC.
 When I recalibrate it shows 100% power.  The battery light flickers
all the time.  I've had this machine about 3 years but the battery
hasn't been used that much.  Just wondering if the battery is
completely dead or if it's not making connection somehow.  I'm ready to
replace the battery  but don't want to spend the $100+ if that's not
the problem.

Hope I've made a little bit of sense here and look forward to any


Re: Gateway Solo 9550 Laptop wrote:
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Lithium Ion batteries typically have a two to three year life, depending
on the notebook design (heat), charging history, and sometimes just
plain luck.  Recalibration only sets the zero point and the point of max
charge at 100%; the max charge can be, for example, near the minimum
voltage.  Recalibration is only cosmetic.  The battery is dead.  Since
most laptops are never operated on battery, and it is safe to operate
without one,  replacement is elective.


Re: Gateway Solo 9550 Laptop

I thought it was probably just dead but wanted someone else to think
the same as me.  LOL  I did forget to mention that the recalibration
never stops.  It ran for about 18 hours and still said recalibrating.
Think I'll go ahead and order a new one.  Don't use it often but hubby
does like to take it to work sometimes and uses it in the pickup.
Thanks for responding to me.

Re: Gateway Solo 9550 Laptop

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If he uses it in a vehicle, one option is to purchase an AC inverter
with a wattage maybe 150% of the AC adapter wattage and use the AC
adapter.  Quality AC inverters at 100 watts are about $35.


Re: Gateway Solo 9550 Laptop

Wish I('d waited until I'd seen this message before ordering.  I think
we bought the inverter when we bought the computer but I had forgotten.
 Oh well, now we'll have both.  LOL  Thanks for responding.

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