Gateway Solo 2500 mouse crazy

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Have this still otherwise healthy Solo 2500, but some time ago, an external
mouse started going wild, when connected via docking station.  Later the
same thing happened even with mouse connected directly to laptop port.

At about the same time another crazy behavior started - when I type (as in
e-mail) the cursor jumps at random to what seems a random spot.

Have found one reference to this on the net, but not more.  Anyone have an
idea what this is?  Is it software or is the motherboard thrash?  TIA


Re: Gateway Solo 2500 mouse crazy

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You don't mention the mouse vendor or type, i.e., wired or wireless.  If
wired, it is likely that there is is short circuit in the mouse cable
where it enters the mouse.  Given the low cost of wired mouses, it's
time to purchase a replacement.

Re: Gateway Solo 2500 mouse crazy

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Or it could be the surface you are using it on.
Or you may be touching the touchpad with your other hand.

Re: Gateway Solo 2500 mouse crazy

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The mouse I've used is the one that came with the laptop.  It's a wired MS
mouse with GW logo on it.  As stated earlier, it started messing up with a
docking sta, later even direct connect to the laptop port had the same

Have tried other mice - same problme, conversly that GW mouse works fine on
another PC.

The very annoying, although maybe unrelated problem is the typing cursor
jumping at random.


Re: Gateway Solo 2500 mouse crazy

RichK wrote:
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Did you perhaps change the default refresh rate (60hz) in the display
settings?  ...operating the display at other than the default
resolution?  Boot to Safe Mode and see if it remains eratic.  If not, it
is likely a driver problem.  If it remains eratic in Safe Mode, it might
be the PS2 port is worn out, or the mouse is loose in the port.

If it is a Microsoft mouse, get the latest Intellipoint driver and see
if that helps (or reinstall the GW driver).  There was an Intellipoint
driver version from some time ago that caused eratic operation (5.0?).
If the type cursor jumps around that is often the effect of a palm on
the touchpad.

Re: Gateway Solo 2500 mouse crazy

I call it Mad Mouse Syndrome.  I've seen this a few times on desktop systems
running Windows 98 and which used an ATI graphics chip on a third party
manufactured graphics card.  Using a genuine ATI driver instead of the one
supplied was the cause in these instances, and picking up and installing the
manufacturer's own driver modified for the card cured it.  Assuming the
mouse is OK electrically, I'd look for a driver conflict starting with the
graphics driver.  If it's a Microsoft Intellimouse (or one that comes with
software other than the driver), try removing the supplied software that
came with the mouse and just using the standard Winows PS/2 mouse driver.
The annoying thing with something like this is that you can think you've
fixed it only to find out that the problem is playing mind games with you.

Good luck


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