Gateway Screen/LCD Cover/bezel

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Can someone please tell me how to remove the screen cover/bezel on a
Gateway Solo 3450 notebook?

I have removed all the screws, but the screen cover/bezel won't come
off. Likely there are plastic "tabs" somewhere that are part of the
bezel itself. Does anyone know where these are located? What's the
procedure for releasing the tabs without breaking them?



Re: Gateway Screen/LCD Cover/bezel

Normally 2 or 4 screws in the corners, often hidden under adhesive
labels, then a lot of plastic snap tabs all the way around (1 to 2
dozen, typically).  Releasing these is a learned art that is part of
becoming a laptop technician.  Usually I use no tools at all and can
release them just by applying pressure and slight bending.  If you do
feel that you have to use a tool, try a plastic guitar pick (even this
will likely leave marks). wrote:

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Re: Gateway Screen/LCD Cover/bezel

Thanks Barry! Following your tips, I managed to remove it with very
little damage. The bottom edge of the bezel was glued on however, but
it pulled off with a little coaxing.

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