Gateway power button problem

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My laptop (Gateway MX7118) has developed a bad power button.  In fact,
for a while, all the multimedia keys on this bar above the keyboard
with the power button have not worked all the time.

After ripping it apart, using a multimeter, I believe the cable
connecting this strip to the motherboard is at fault.  At the
motherboard, a couple pins on the cable have 3.25v, but at the other
end of the cable, I get nothing.  I'm no electronics expert, but I
suspect  what isn't quite right.  I don't know exactly what this type
cable is called, to begin to search for a new one at Mouser or
someplace like that.  The pins are exposed on only one side of the
cable at each end, and they go into a socket that has a locking, push-
down mechanism.  I've seen this setup in a few electronic devices.

So, I've been pondering another way to get around this.  I was
thinking of using another 3.2v source nearby, and solder a wire to the
right pin and make a new button.  But, I'm stuck wondering how to
figure which is the right pin, there are 10 or 12.  With the cable
unreliable, I can't get good readings with the meter as I push various
buttons.  Anyone think it's possible to do this and recreate a power

Any other tips would be appreciated.  I'm just not ready to give up on
this lil' machine.

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