Gateway mx6426 LCD display

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I have been working on a friends laptop in which the LCD display does
not work.
In the process of trying to fix the problem I have replaced
the LCD screen, the
inverter board and the LCD harness (flex cable) and
I still get no display. I
can plug the laptop into an external monitor
and it works fine so the computer
itself is okay, just no display. I'm
at my wits end trying to figure out what
else to do. Can someone there
suggest anything?

Thanks in advance,

Re: Gateway mx6426 LCD display

It could be the video circuitry on the motherboard.  This is always a
possibility, although it's not common.

Can you determine if by any chance the DISPLAY is present on the LCD
panel but the backlight is not lit?  [This is not easy; without a
backlight, it's almost impossible to see anything that may be present on
the screen.]

Slim (but not zero) chance:  The "lid closed" sensor (of whatever type)
may think that the lid is closed when it's not, and thus be turning off
the display.

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