gateway mt3422 with mandriva has no to get sound???

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I bought a gateway mt3422 laptop in fall 2007.  It had Windows Vista
installed, but kept giving me the blue screen of death.  I sent it
back to Gateway to try to fix the problem, but it always came back
with more BSOD.  I figured out that the BSOD seemed to come whenever
the wireless internet device within the laptop was turned on.  So I
had to turn off wireless internet on the laptop in order to keep it
from freezing.

Then, I decided to get rid of Windows Vista because the version from
Gateway had tons of crapware on it, and I didn't like the Vista
interface which did not seem to allow me to easily access programs
like on Windows XP.

So I decided to try various Linux installations.  I tried slackware,
ubuntu, freebsd, fedora...all of them failed or I could not get them
to work.  Finally, however, I tried Mandriva 2008 DVD installation,
and it worked!  Stable system, with all software automatically
installed and freeware, with a very nice KDE graphical user interface
as good as any Windows junk (minus garbage like viruses, self-
engineered complexity causing slow-down, BSODs).

However, the Mandriva does not recognize the wireless hardware within
the laptop.  If I turn on the wireless hardware, in fact, the laptop
will freeze and the "caps lock" light turns on and stays on
mindlessly.  So I have to turn off the built-in wireless and instead
connect a physical ISDN/ethernet line to the laptop, and Mandriva
instantly recognizes the internet connection.

But, I also have no sound with this laptop.  The Mandriva doesn't seem
to recognize the sound.

So, does anyone know how to get wireless support and sound on a
gateway mt3422 laptop using Mandriva linux?

Re: gateway mt3422 with mandriva has no to get sound???

mamounjo3 wrote:
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I can't help you with Linux, as I have my own Linux problems. Although
it sure does sound like a hardware problem with the wireless card to me.
I would take it in if it still has a warrantee. Otherwise I would get a
PC Card or an ExpressCard (whichever one your laptop takes) that works
with Mandriva Linux.

Gateway Celeron M 370 (1.5GHZ)
MX6124 (laptop) w/2GB
Windows XP Home SP2 (120GB HD)
Intel(r) 910GML (64MB shared)
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Re: gateway mt3422 with mandriva has no to get sound??? wrote:
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What sound card is installed, if any?  If no sound card is installed the
it likely has the basic Intel sound card. Mandriva is very good at
installing the correct sound system.

Also, what wireless card is installed? Note that Mandriva has drivers
for most major wireless cards.  I am surprised that the wireless was not
installed automatically (unless the card was turned off with a manual
switch prior to installation).

I am suspicious that the wireless fails under both Vista and Linux; this
is appearing to me to be a card failure.  Powering the card under
Mandriva should provide the ability to set up the card under the
hardware setup system; it should not affect the computer.

You can use Hardrake, hardware setup under Configure system in the start
menu, to see if both wireless and sound were identified, at least, and
how they were identified.  Insert your DVD, and select Configure
Hardware, and the system will search for the correct drivers, software,
and libraries for installation.


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