gateway mt3422 laptop freezes up

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Hi, I recently bought a Gateway MT3422 laptop a few months ago. I
decided to try to install windows xp because I didn't want the windows
vista on the system.  while installing windows xp, I realized that I
had lost the serial number.  So I could not enter the serial number
and just aborted the installation.  From then on, when I tried to
reinstall another operating system, such as Ubuntu linux or reinstall
the factory gateway windows vista disc, the computer would freeze up
within minutes of booting up the OS install discs.  For example, the
ubuntu install cd would load up, and after 7-10 minutes just freeze.
with the gateway windows vista reinstall dvd,  The screen came on as
normal, showed the Gateway boot screen, and then went to the windows
vista screen where the little green bars scroll across the screen
while it boots. After a few seconds the bars freeze and it does not
continue booting.  Anyone know what the problem is?  Gateway tech
support wasn't able to fix it for me.  finally, I downloaded from them
the gwscan512 program, unzipped it, found the gwscan512.iso file among
the unzipped files, and burned that into a gwscan boot disc.  So I
loaded that up and I'm trying to wipe out the hard drive with zeros
and then try to reinstall everything from the beginning.  but what is
the main problem for this?  could the physical ram or hard drive have
a problem?

Re: gateway mt3422 laptop freezes up

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I don't know, sounds like it could be either.

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Re: gateway mt3422 laptop freezes up

wiping the hard drive with zeros using gwscan512 seemed to work.  that
allowed me to reinstall windows vista.  But, after reinstalling it
using the gateway factory dvd install 2-disc set, another problem
emerged.  Vista would crash and give a Blue Screen of Death with an
IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error message.  does anyone know why this is?
On the internet some suggest that this is an IRQ conflict between the
NVIDIA gforce go100 driver (which is on IRQ 5 in my system according
to the MSINFO32 program).  both the wireless internet hardware and the
video card share IRQ five on this system.  is there a way to reassign
IRQs in vista?

Re: gateway mt3422 laptop freezes up

I went to hardward profiles and disabled the nvidia gforce video
card.  that seems to work.  seems to be an irq conflict between the
video card and the wireless internet device in the computer.  the irql
error seems to arise soon after loading up the web browser.  disabling
the video card (or running windows in safe mode with network support,
where there is no video card driver loaded up) seems to prevent the
irq problem.  the video looks crappier, though.

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