Gateway laptop offered on HSN on Saturday, Feb 19, 2005

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Hi group:

I was watching HSN (Home Shopping Network) this morning and they were
offering a Gateway model 7324GZ laptop for $1,349.

Here's the HSN link for this laptop: =!HPTS&cm_re=TS*335049*NA

When I visited the Gateway website and entered the laptop's model
number in their search engine, the results were: "No information was
found for 7324GZ."

So it looks like this model was made by Gateway especially for the HSN.

As I watched the show, they reported that over 2,700 of these laptops
had been sold this morning.  That is a remarkable number!

The announcers discussed the features of this laptop and advised the
listeners that this was the highest featured laptop ever offered on HSN
at this low price.

I've been studying laptops in anticipation of upgrading my old trusty
KTX 1000 laptop (233 MH Pentium 1, 6 GB hard drive; 128
MB Ram running on the Internet with a WIFI card) for a newer model.

I think the HSN Gateway laptop is a nice model but I would like to make
some comments about some of its features:

1. It uses the Intel Extreme Graphics 2 non-dedicated video.  This is
the same video that's used on many lower priced laptops today.  You
would expect better video in this laptop.

2. The Pentium 4 operates only at 2.8 GH.  This is the low end of the
Pentium 4 processors using HT and I believe the laptop should have used
a faster processor.

3. The specs of the 80 GB hard drive aren't reported but I suspect that
is runs at the slow 5400 RPM rate.

4. The 1024 MB DDR SODIMM (PC2700) is certainly a lot of memory for
this laptop it would be nice if it were PC3200 at 400 MH speed.

5. The DVD +/- RW writer doesn't support dual layer writing.

6. There was no Blue Tooth support on this laptop.  I've just read this
week on the Internet that the new Apple laptops will support the Blue
Tooth 2.0 specification.

So there you have interesting laptop on HSN that is literally
selling by the thousands but when you look carefully at its features,
it leaves much to be desired.

Am I being overly critical of this model at this price range?  I'd sure
like to read your comments about this laptop.

Have a nice weekend.

Al Gershen
Grants Pass, OR

Re: Gateway laptop offered on HSN on Saturday, Feb 19, 2005

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Hi Al,

For the price, I would have expected a better graphics card. As to
the other things you mention, they would be inconsequential for my use.

Ciao . . . C.Joseph

That which a man buys too cheaply . . .
     He esteems too lightly

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Re: Gateway laptop offered on HSN on Saturday, Feb 19, 2005

The 7324GZ is listed under the 7000 Series.
By specs, it's well worth the price.

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