Gateway Has really bad customer service

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Gateway Has really bad customer service: I spent $2800.00 on
custom laptop for gaming. after 24 days it crapped out.... The
Gateway policy is that YOU have to pay them $45.00 for them to send
you a box to ship it back to them to fix it! after they had it back
for over 10 days and still didn't know what is wrong with it or when
I would get it back...I told them to just send me my money back and
they got downright nasty with me. I talked with two people in
customer service and they told me there was nobody else to talk with
"NO returns after 15 days" "They will just fix it and
send it back"

I am so disappointed with Gateway. I also had to sign a form that came
with the $45.00 return box that said I would approve the charges to my
credit card for any "uncoverd repairs that were needed" If
This form is not signed; Gatway will simply return the laptop in the
condition they received it in.
I've only had this laptop for 24 days !!!!!! I will never buy Gateway
again Don't you make the same mistake.
I was told for sombody to come to my house to fix it was only if I
bought the "extra plan" but found out that when they come
over they just put it in a box most of the time anyway. Ther is NO
service center for Gateway unless you "want to bring it to
Texas" !!!!
I am still without my system or any idea when I will see it ....I
don't even want it I just want my money back $2800.00 plus my $45.00

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