Gateway 9300

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G'day All,

I have a Gateway Solo 9300 Notebook which has been running (Windows
98SE) for a couple of years on the AC power supply without a main battery.

It has suddenly decided that it will not show any signs of life when
trying to boot up. There is 19VDC at the power plug.

With seemingly nothing to lose I have dismantled the computer and  
discovered that the internal 3.6V NiMH battery is down to 1.3V. This
battery is there to allow changing the main battery if it discharges
during a session without loss of data, but as I am running on AC this is
unimportant. BUT - is its failure likely to be linked
to the non boot problem?

Apparently this computer uses flash memory for the BIOS.

.....and BTW the failure occurred after an airline trip and two lots of
security X-Rays. Has anybody had any trouble induced that way?
 The machine has previously been so X-rayed without problems.

Any ideas or experiences would be appreciated.


Don Graham

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