Gateway 6510gz.....Dead???

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My sons future wifes Gateway 6510gz laptop just dies. ok, they were
watching movie on it and it shut down....when you turn on you get post
screen and 1 beep and off it goes. i thought it might be heat related
but fan is running and heatsink has not been removed on it. The h.d. was
replaced a about a month ago....will not boot from cd. Cant get into
bios it shuts down before it can....hopefully not a motherboard.....any

Processor Mobile IntelŪ PentiumŪ M CPU
256 MB. DDR memory....yea not enogh
Processor speed 1.6 GHz
Processor packaging IntelŪ socketable u-FCPGA
Level 2 cache 1 MB
Chipset-Northbridge Intel 855GME
Chipset-Southbridge Intel ICH4-M
Processor side bus speed 400 MHz

Re: Gateway 6510gz.....Dead???

lsc_ya wrote:
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That would be your future daughter-in-law's Gateway. If the notebook
will not boot into BIOS setup, it is likely a mainboard or RAM problem.
  Can you see anything on the POST screen during the RAM/HD test?

How about reinstalling the old HD?


Re: Gateway 6510gz.....Dead???

Well its up and running, i pulled the battery and plugged in a/c adapter
and it booted, would not boot untill i rememoved battery. reinstalled
harddrive and Xp loads...and now battery charges and will boot on

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