Gateway 400vtx - backlight or inverter

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The screen of my Gateway 400VTX laptop failed and after some research I
found out that it is likely the backlight or the inverter. I have been
looking around for a source for either of these parts. I have found a
few inverters listed on eBay but no backlights. Also, I've been looking
for some info on how to best go about opening the notebook so as to not
mess things up even further.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Gateway 400vtx - backlight or inverter

Jarbacky wrote:
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Pry off the bezel over the power switch & LEDS; right side first I think it

Then pry off the hinge covers.

Remove the keyboard; 4 screws on side toward screen, under the bezel you
just removed.
   Tilt up, slip slightly forward, and unplug keyboard; set it aside.

Want an assy manual?  I can put one up for you if you wish showing how to
get at this stuff.  I don't mind sharing, but ... also won't put my email
address here.

I created a mail account - twayneATtwaynesdomainDOTcom; you can contact me
there.  The address is temporary and won't live long.
   Don't want any money; just like to help out.  Have two 400 VTX's myself -
one for parts since I dropped mine and broke off the power connector right
off the mobo <g>.  I got the whole computer for less than the cost of a RAM
upgrade - and now I have twice the amount of RAM and a bigger hd.
  Depending on what you want, they can be had pretty cheap on EBAY.
  EBAY also has the entire screen part; disconnect old and add newer one.
Fairly easy to do.  ONLY buy from those with NO complaints on EBAY for this
kind of stuff, and avoid newbie sellers unless you know what your'e doing.


Re: Gateway 400vtx - backlight or inverter

Hi, sorry for the delayed response, I just got my first foster kid and
haven't had much time to do anything.  I was able to get the bezel off
but can't figure out how to detach the monitor and keybd completely.
Grey and back connector buried on both sides.

However, I think my main problem is I don't know which is the backlight
and which is the inverter. I also don't know where to buy the
replacement parts, except for on eBay where I have not found any

If the offer for the assy manual is still good, I'd really appreciate
it. Along w/ any other advice on how to test.

Thanks so much.

Re: Gateway 400vtx - backlight or inverter

Jarbacky wrote:
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No, sorry.  The address is just dropping emails on the floor now too; turned
it into a spamtrap.


Re: Gateway 400vtx - backlight or inverter

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The inverter is the circuit board containing the power supply for the
backlight. You'll recognize it because it has a cable plugged into it
that consists of two wires with a wide gap between the two pins of the
connector. The wires will be covered with a very soft, flexible (high
dielectric) insulation. Usually, one will be pink and one white, or
both will be white.

The backlight is a tube inside the LCD panel (it's on the other end of
the aforementioned wires); you will not see it unless you physically
take the panel apart.

Re: Gateway 400vtx - backlight or inverter

Thanks, I'll look for all that this weekend. Any thoughts on the source
for a supplier of these parts, other than eBay, of course?

It's amazing how fast spammers can mess up an email box - there oughtta
be a law.... :-)



Re: Gateway 400vtx - backlight or inverter

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Digi-Key carries a _VERY_ limited selection of generic backlights from; you might find one there to suit your application.
However I'd be looking on eBay myself. The inverter is a part you'll
only get from eBay or Gateway, and eBay will be much cheaper.

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