Gateway 400 VTX Case Disassembly

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Gateway 400VTX Notebook; bad power connector; Gateway flat refuses to part
with any information re getting to the power connector.  The only
recommendation they will make is to send the unit & a couple hundred bucks
in to replace the switch.  Nuh, uh!  It's old enough I can buy another used
one, same model for that much money!

Need to get at DC-in power connector to repair/replace/resolder/whatever it
needs; can't see it wll enough to tell.  Hell, I'll hang one out on a
pigtail if I have to.

Have figured out how to remove the bezel & expose the 4 screws that hold the
keyboard in but haven't removed the keyboard yet because I can't see that
doing so will expose the power connector.  There is another switch/LED
assembly screwed in under that level that covers the area where the power
connector is located.
   Since it looks a little tricky to get thru that switch/LED assembly I
thought I'd at least check that I'm on the right route first.  I can see
that the slightest deformation of that lower assembly could stop the
switches from working right, and thus my post here.

What say you guys with the right experience?  Is this the correct route?



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