FYI: Asus W1000N write-up

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I posted here recently asking for advice about Asus notebooks and received
some very helpful responses.   I bought a 1.8GHz/512MB Centrino machine and
having owned it for over a week I have to say that so far I am impressed.
The screen is really sharp - pity my eyes force me to use glasses to read it
at native 1680x1050 but the extra screen real estate (I am used to 1024x768)
makes it well worthwhile.    Battery life can be over 4.5 hours in max power
saving mode, but worst case surfing the web over a wireless LAN at max
performance I still get nearly 3 hours.   There is a special function key
(one of 5) to enable instant switching between 7 modes if required and
Standby (to RAM) and Hibernate (to disk) modes are available at a
right-click..    It was preloaded with Windows XP Pro and so far I have not
experienced a single glitch that I have not caused for myself.   The build
quality is excellent - I use an IBM T30 a fair bit and this feels so much
more solid - it also looks a lot sexier!    I much prefer the feel of the
keyboard too, and never having been a fan of the red bippy mouse substitute
I use the touchpad and find it easier to use than that on the IBM.    A nice
touch: it comes with a small optical mouse which has an adequate length of
lead (USB) but also ships with an extension USB lead to give you more
options for mouse location.

Criticisms: not many but the built-in TV performance is poor.   DVD playback
is fine, but the on-board receiver only picks up 3 of 5 local stations
(North Queensland, Australia) and the quality of reception is poor when
compared with a stand-alone TV on the same aerial.    The software design
engineers didn't know of Australia's existence it seems since you have to
pick from a list of countries to set up correct transmission types and Oz is
not listed.    The remote is neat though - designed to slip into the CF card
slot for storage if required.

Overall a very happy user so far - Asus get a big tick for this one from me.


Re: FYI: Asus W1000N write-up


Thanks for the info. I've been pretty interested in the Asus units for
the last two years and now that IBM is changing I'm going to move Asus
to the top of the list of laptops to look at.

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