Fujitsu Stylistic LT RAM and other Qs

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I've just bought a Stylistic LT (FMW2901T, the 233MHz Pentium MMX)
tablet computer off eBay, and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if
the RAM is expandable. I'm guessing that the 64Mb is comprised of 32Mb
on the mainboard and a 32Mb SDRAM SODIMM, and I'm hoping it will take a
128Mb SODIMM since its predecessors accepted 64Mb modules.

Also, does this machine REQUIRE the Phoenix STD partition on the hard
drive? It's going to be tricky for me to create this. ISTR that
machines from the same vintage often had very long delays and/or weird
behavior if the STD partition wasn't there.

At the moment I'm trying to decide what OS to use - the machine comes
with Win98SE and all the pen stuff preloaded, but I'd prefer to use
Win2K at least so I can use generic USB storage class devices, if
nothing else. However, I can't work out if it's going to be possible to
upgrade the unit.

I could also use Linux if it will work with the pen stuff...

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