Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pro V2000 hard disk removal

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   A tip for the removal of the Amilo Pro V2000
hard disk - I couldn't find it in or .

1. On the underside of the laptop there are three
lids: tha largest is the battery, the medium one is
the RAM compartment, and the smallest (close to the
front edge of the laptop) is covering the hard disk.

2. First, remove the battery. The open the single
screw holding the HD cover lid in place. Open the

3. There is a fabric belt loop on the end of the
HD, close to the front edge of the laptop. Grab
the loop and lift it, simultaneously jiggling
the HD (I helped with a srewdriver) sideways
so that it passes the plastic claws holding it
down. There is also a metal clip on the left
side of the HD, which I pressed with a screwdriver,
but it does not appear to hold the HD after all.

4. The front end of the HD now pops up and it
can be slided forward and pulled away from the
IDE connector.

   I was able to fix the lost-harddisk problem
which was apparently due to the IDE connector
having gotten loose.

   Has anyone tried to replace the DVD/CDRW combo
in the Amilo Pro V2000 by a DVD+RW unit?


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