Fujitsu S7020 Battery problem!?

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I have a Fujitsu S7020 (about 3/4 year old).
About a month ago, the adapter wouldn't charge the battery anymore, so
I couldn't use the laptop on power; only on battery mode and no
recharge possible. I call Fujitsu and since I didn't have any warranty
and wasn't willing to pay $555 to get the motherboard replaced - they
recommended a nearby authorized service center.

Well, they "fixed" the issue for $350 - however about an hour after I
got the laptop back, it just shutdown and never started up again -
i.e. motherboard dead. Took it back to them, and after 4
excruciatingly boring weeks without my laptop, I got it back with a
new motherboard.

However, I still have a problem with it, and I don't quite get it. The
battery won't charge anymore. I can run it on power, and when I hook
it up, Windows even says "Charging X%".

But it won't go above a certain point - in this case 60%. I took it
off power and used up the battery and re-hooked it up, and it started
charging the battery, but no more than 60%. I have 2 batteries, so I
tried either one - and neither of them will apparently charge beyond a
certain point.

I really don't understand what's going on and I'm reluctant to give it
back to the ASC since they are incredibly slow at fixing anything and
I'm more afraid of yet more problems arising. Could it be a
calibration issue??

What do you guys think? Any thoughts/suggestions?

Re: Fujitsu S7020 Battery problem!?

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your batteries are going out? youve already done all the tech work. buy a
new battery and see if it charges past X point. if it does, theres your

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