fujitsu S7010D problems...

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I have same problem with 2 identical notebooks(my daughters).
First one developed a fualt 1 month ago in that it keep hanging after boot
and sometimes refused to boot.I checked the HDD and found bad sectors so
replaced it but it kept shutting down when I input regional settings on
loading XP.Finally got xp loaded but still hangs and shuts down if I press
palm rest or move it.
Second fujitsu displaying similar behaviour yesterday.Faulty touchpad,ram or
just MB gone bad??.Any ideas'.?/These were both second user so dont want to
spent a lot of money on them.Thanks.
Part 2.
Tried some old ram I had and thought I solved it but alas..... Going to buy
some new ram today.Thanks.

Installed the new ram and it booted ok but shut down as soon as I moved
it(black screen).
Restarted and I can hear fan running but still blackscreen.After 3 more
attempts it restarts it boots into windows.
Any ideas?Thanks.

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