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I have always defended and wrote good reviews about this laptop when I
got it.  It was a real nice machine at the beginning.  I was
reccomending it to others.  I got it at Fry's in Dallas.

Basically the graphics card goes nuts after a while, dislaying a
grid/mesh or vertical line color pattern.  Fujitsu customer service
asks you take it to the local certified repair center.  They fixed it,
by replacing the entire motherboard.  This happened 4 months into
purchasing it.  Then the same thing happened 6 months later.

After reading in several tech newsgroups, and one personal encounter
with another person in the certified repair center the last time I
took it there, all had the same problem with thee graphics going bad.

This is either an endemic problem or an issue with some production
batch, I dont know

Now I have no warranty, and in my mind, the N3010 a ticking device,
waiting to break.

Note to current owners:

- Please contact me if you had this problem
- Extend the warranty of you have this machine before it runs out.  
- Dont play CPU hogging 3D graphics intensive games.  I strongly
suspect that this kills the ATI Radeon 9000 card.  Since my kids have
stopped using it as a game machine (Star Wars Star Fighter and MS
Combat Sim 2, heavy graphics usage), it has lasted more han 6 months
without any issues.  (Yesterday I fired up Star Wars and the fan spun
up so loud that I quit the game right away.)

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I had the same problem develop 3 months after my N3010 arrived. It has
now been 6 months since the mobo was replaced and even with at least 3
hours per day of BF1942 + normal usage I have had no hiccup.



Pull my finger . . . thanks!

Re: Fujitsu N3010

Do you have any idea how widespread this is in the Fujitsu
notebook line?

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Re: Fujitsu N3010

I would like to know if anyone has a service manual for the Fujitsu
N3010... Instructions to open the laptop for repairs. I would like to
learn how to open the laptop. I am curious about the fan and how it is
loud. If anyone does, please help me. Thank You.

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