FSC-P7010 vs. Sony-T1XP vs. IBM X40

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I am in the market for a small laptop. I narrowed it down to a few
models, but don't have a chance for a hands on experience in a shop.

Can anyone share some experiences with any of these models:
 Fujitsu(-Siemens)liefbook P7010
 Sony Vaio T1XP ( I believe T160 in the states)
 IBM X40

esp.: heat development, can the screen be used outside, ergonomics.

thanks in advance


Re: FSC-P7010 vs. Sony-T1XP vs. IBM X40

ralf.schmauder@epost.de (ralf) writes:
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I just bought an X40.  It doesn't get more than slightly warm, but its
fan runs a lot just the same.  Screens all seem about alike these days.
I haven't tried it outside but wouldn't expect it to be very useable.

Its ergonomics and keyboard are about the best I've ever tried in such
a small machine, and I've tried a few.  

Re: FSC-P7010 vs. Sony-T1XP vs. IBM X40

ralf wrote:
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My wife just purchased a Sony TR3A over my initial misgivings.  This
turns out to be quite a nifty small laptop with a truly excellent 10
inch widescreen at 1280x800.  Look at www.newegg.com , laptops section,
for details.  I personally have reservations since I have some
difficulty with the small type on the screen when my eyes are fatigued
but she has no problem (yet).  Other than that, I was concerned with the
1Ghz Pentium M CPU and the shared graphics (I cannot remember what it
is, Intel Extreme I think).  For what she does, Office apps, scanning
medical slides, it works very well - and the keyboard, while reduced in
size, is nearly enough to full size that typeing is not a problem.  The
weight is 3 lb which makes her happy not be carrying a heavy laptop.
Battery life in her use is about 4.5 hours with the wireless card active
and the screen fully bright.


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