FS: IBM 600x Thinkpad PIII, 18gb, Network card, Office XP, Anti-Virus, $150 at auction

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IBM ThinkPad 600X Laptop PIII 500MHz 128MB, 18GB, CD, XP Pro, Office 2003,
Antivirus, Spybot, Ad-Aware
Model 2645-4eu
Screen is bright and awesome

Sold to the Highest Bidder * No Reserve *  A good machine, better if you
upgrade the memory to at least 256kb.  Bigger disk?  Nah... although you
could do 40gb as an upgrade.

This was my son's, the now college graduate, laptop & it has been cleaned of
all his work, (actually freshly reloaded).  A great deal for the money, and
with a docking station!

- The laptop is running XP Pro, SP2
- Microsoft Office 2003
- Symantec anti-virus
- 56kb internal modem
- 18gb internal hard drive
- Screen is bright and awesome.  No scratches, no dead pixels that I could
find. This screen starts up from the very beginning bright and nice.
- Normal wear, scratches on the bottom, wear marks on the keyboard cover, a
missing rubber foot, etc, otherwise awesome.
- 128mb of memory... and I have 256mb on order for myself.... cost me $40,
and if you want it / you can add it at the close for that same $40.
- 2 PCMCIA slots, which means you can go out, buy a wireless card and be
wireless in a flash.  Or any other PCMCIA like a firewire or such.
- It includes a PCMCIA 100mB LAN card, but the cord on the card is sometimes
finiky.  I included it as an extra. (not part of my guarantee)  If you leave
the plug hanging down, perfect!  Its how I did the updates!

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