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See Ebay item# 330214178850 (at www.ebay.com enter "330213161088" into
search window), following is Ebay listing copy for your convenience:
$299.95    Machine type# 23865FU UPGRADED, magnesium-alloy cover (not

SORRY everyone,
I am probably annoying, but forced to re-respond to ALL with my
Laptop/Thinkpad ad AGAIN due to Ebay changing item#.  The correct Ebay item#
is 330214178850.  OT my idea to pester in your message box, just forced by
Ebay rules to change ad to remove "Like-New" from title because Ebay warned
me if laptop not actually new, "new" keyword defeats search function
(misleading users), so sorry again people...  they could've just warn people
so we edit ad within e.g. 24 hours, w/o changing item#!!

missing is a BATTERY (there're plenty X40-series batteries on Ebay, I was
off AC all times) & original box, the manuals/docs are all electronic.  MORE
DETAILS (regarding condition & REASON TO SELL) @bottom of this posting).

Email to MetalBlade@prodigy.net, if using "email reply" in Newsgroups edit
address manually to delete two strings: "NOJUNK" repeated twice.  Afterwards
I'll respond from home email/real name, as bogus RichardFiore/email are to
protect privacy on public Newsgroups, do NOT reply on Newsgroups.  Posted on
Ebay (www.ebay.com), item#  330213161088 (enter into "search" window).
Description is replicated below (from Ebay).  Transaction must be thru Ebay
if I already received bids, if no bids we can deal outside Ebay (again don't
forget to remove "NOJUNK" strings in my email address inserted for spam
I am in the United States but extensive experience trading internationally
(in fact, recently my buyers/sellers happened to be international!).

(new name for IBM's laptop division) - no space on Ebay/Newsgroups to copy
entire contents, itís a business-class laptop with a very extensive &
well-respected support from IBM; also can always email me if get lost at
IBM/Lenovo websites and afte rpurchase I will answer everything I can help
with, best thing is  to enter "23865FU" into Lenovo search window-->click on
"detailed specs".  Below I only listed a snapshot but NOT full specs and
a) I upgraded several components (e.g. memory to half-Gigabyte, you can add
another half for a total of 1GB or 2GB if you find new 1GB modules
unavialble to me in 2007)
b) Several specs are WRONG on Lenovo website section dealing w/"generic" X40
series, e.g. they list 40GB harddisk as 20GB, and 1.3GHz PentiumM Centrino
processor as 1.2GHz.  Same happened to my other - HP laptop, HP listed
generic base model on website with 128MB Video memory on GeForce videocard
but in fact shipped 256MB (better) and that is listed under my specific
model#.  So MAKE SURE you're looking at specific machine#, not at generic
X40 series description dating back to X40 basis model.

Quick preview (see IBM/Thinkpad website for details + upgrades I listed

Magnesium-alloy i.e. ALL METAL body - NO PLASTIC, stealth-black finish (cold
on touch), side-firing fan, Thinkpad legendary appearance/keyboard
w/red-accented Trackpoint and blue Enter/left/ right keys), Pentium
MobileCentrino  ULV  1.3GHz (ultra-low voltage mobile w/1024MB L2 cache),
512MB half-Gigabyte memory, 40GB 4200rpm harddisk special anti-shock design,
12.1 XGA 1024x768 TFT LCD + AT LEAST  1280*1024 or 1600*1280 on external
display if needed, Intel Extreme Graphics2 for Mobile (82852/82855 GM/GME).
Centrino chipset-->WIRELESS Intel 802.11b/g wireless (MPCI) WiFi,  Modem
(CDC 56K V92, RJ11), GIGABIT (1Gb) Ethernet (network, RJ45 w/LEDs), Security
chip (TCPA/Crypto3, but no fingerprint reader), 4-cell Li-Ion battery was
removed - sorry!.  Two regular  USB (left/right) + 1 USB power slots (left
side), PCMCIA 16/32bit slot (PCMCIA 2.1) external display port (SVGA, DB15),
EXPANSION (dock) port supports either Thinkpad Ultrabase or extended life
battery, Secure Digital card slot (SD), INFRARED 4Mbps - a rarity these days
and it's safer than brain-cancer causing RF-based printing, mini PCI type
III slot,  communications daughter-card slot, wireless module is another
daughter card which can be unplugged & UPGRADED to latest wireless formats,
16-bit Audio (however due to  ultraportable design only one speaker is
built-in 0.5Watt mono, output is stereo), 3 Audio in/out ports, DirectSound
3D positional audio, Thinkpad legendary keyboard not found on cheap laptops,
memory is DDR PC2100 or 2700, supported 1.280 GB as of 2006 (maybe 2GB as of
today?), presently installed is half-Gigabyte, Thinklight light, "Access
IBM" button  (accessing manuals/docs), TrackPoint with Press-to-Select,
Internet scroll, and magnifying glass features.  Global agencies approvals
(FCC, UL, European Union, Canada, CE, Energy Star,  and so on - since IBM is
a transnational company. Miniature AC adapter included & also new condition.
System serial# KVAH905, motherboard serial# 1Z9D84931AN, BIOS upgradeable -
last upgrade I did was in 2006, you should run your own update if desired.

MULTIPLE-layer passwords protections besides dedicated SECURITY CHIP - is
where IBM beats the rest, the harddisk password for example is prohibited
from clearing even by IBM itself - if someone steals/finds your Thinkpad
even removing harddisk + plugging into another laptop would cost a thief a
lifetime to crack.  Personally I disabled all except power-on password to
increase bootup speed, only thing missing is Fingerprint reader - I am
getting on a new Thinkpad if I can afford!!  INCLUDED is optical drive -
portable USBport/USB-powered (NO need for AC/external power!) DVDRW from a
rare manufacturer (KANO, designed/manufactured  in California, USA, of
Japanese parts, also magnesium-alloy body - ALL METAL, NO PLASTIC) included
but I admit since itís an older model, 4x speed DVDRW single-layer; else use
your own optical drive thru USB, PCMCIA or whatever port you choose.

Speaking of magnesium-alloy - I've a taste for natural, RF-radiation
shielding yet light materials, which is - METAL magnesium-alloy also favored
by japanese laptop makers.

WindowsXPprofessional SP2 + commonly used software I cannot tell as machine
is already packed at my other house.
Dimensions: 0.8" thick (1.06" in some protruding spots) * 8.3" depth * 10.5:
width, weight: approx. 2 Lbs w/battery removed (@present, might be lighter),
MAXIMUM w/battery: 2.7Lbs.
can assure you regardless of processor clock speeds/memory bus/etc., if your
software is in
disarray & memory hogs inhabit your startup routines, no amount of hardware
power will satisfy, unlike majority of incompetent people this machine was
"maintained" in cleanliness  by a professional Engineer, even boots quickly
unlike a typical laptop of that generation.  And yes you can complain and
get money back if problems proven within 20 days since you start using it.

Now a few words about Thinkpads in general
People who know Thinkpads need no further explanations why it costs more
than mass-market manufacturers e.g. HP, Dell, Sony, home-made & such.
People who don't know why Thinkpads cost premium - I tried to explain
elsewhere in this posting but not sure if I can convince you unless you
experience a new  Thinkpad yourself, are a tech-related professional, rather
than a homeuser, teenager or looking for toy computers of which Sony is
known for, I am not selling that, please go look for  HP and similar and
don't buy a Thinkpad because Thinkapds mean BUSINESS, this again I repeat is
NOT a gaming laptop.  It's built to last, reliable and thoroughly designed
by the world  largest government/military and mission-critical computer
manufacturer - IBM (their laptop division is now called LENOVO - still
designed in Armonk, USA, manufactured in Asia).  You get on-screen display
when Fn-combo
key is pressed, you can switch between internal/external display, control
wireless power, display blanking, etc., keyboard light (Thinklight is a tiny
white LED embedded into display cover topedge) is my favorite I ALWAYS used
in favor of running obnoxiou sroom lights, it's ergonomic and white - nice
features now found on cheap laptops, and body  is ALL METAL - magnesium
alloy black colored identical to plastic but feels cold metal.

(formerly IBM-->now Lenovo); array of Fn special buttons that go beyond
basic volume or brightness controls, "Access IBM" button, legendary
keyboard - I  can feel the difference between it and my work Dell machine,
Thinkpads keyboards are well-recognized and differentiated from cheap
competitors, Trackpoint as pointing device though  many people misuse it and
add a micromouse instead, people just need to press on sides not on top
point, anyways - it's a long story and Thinkpads have one of the top
reputations in   portable computing world.  If you look for cheap and raw
power that crashes periodically amounting to loss of productivity, please
ignore this ad.
Lastly: display was always set to Zero brightness because also happens to be
my preference, and it's in fresh condition not being worn out as a typical
computer gets in an office -  because it was on only sporadically, I had a
habit of also connecting to external monitor and turning off this LCD.  This
ad is probably too long, but I am trying to aniticipate every question and
answer here.
Look at my Ebay feedback  - is 100% positive, will provide my employer's
info and you can verify I am what I am.

More about condition and reasons to sell:
Used exclusively in climate-controlled office, covered against dust when not
in use, I know it sounds like another sales pitch and we're all annoyed, but
this is a fact here.   I am known for
religiously safeguarding my college & now work laptops because this is my
lifetime of work (CAD engineer)!.  Reasons to sell this pet are:
a) My work rising demand for 3-Dimensional Graphics (CAD manufacturing
design) forced to deal with 3 computers - powerful desktop at work, powerful
graphics laptop at home, and as
much as I love ultraportables it's impossible to own a 3d redundant
computer - makes as much sense as watching 3 TV's at once and if I separate
their use I canít AFFORD!  Despite being
an Engineer I am still not too stable to afford wasting money -
unfortunately this little Thinkpad will not handle heavy 3-D graphic
modeling and it's not meant for it, so instead of sitting
idle it should be sold.
b) I get bored with technical stuff over time and upgrade sometimes for the
heck of it even if I am basically happy with current setup.  Same applies to
cars - I am about to trade in a 3-year old car in normal condition simply
because I am bored with it.

I'd imagine this Thinkpad could satisfy two types of people:
a) students
b) professionals in need of an ultraportable laptop built by legendary IBM
Thinkpad/Lenovo, don't forget such tiny but useful details as it's not
plastic but magnesium-alloy (ALL  METAL, light) body and shock-resistant
innards, and whatever else people have come to expect from THINKPAD's
(including legendary keyboard as opposed to my new trash from HP -  forced
to use to save money, else I'd buy a new graphics Thinkpad. T60p series).
I don't expect much interest from non-professionals/people who judge
computers 100% by clockspeed - X40 is not a scorching speed bleeding-edge
technology anymore, it's a  bit older laptop, not Sony, not HP childish
flashing plastic toys.  This is an IBM Thinkpad, and X-series targeted
PORTABILITY, not maximu power.

Miteq, Inc.

Re: FS: CHANGED IBM (Lenovo) Thinkpad X40 NEAR-NEW PRISTINE CONDITION (+ no bad pixels) ULTRAPORTABLE, UPGRADED, all docs, X-series $299.95

On Feb 22, 1:47 pm, "Richard Fiore"
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I looked at the item on the eBay link, and I was personally tempted,
as an X40 would meet my needs from a "road warrior" point-of-view.  I
have no doubt that you've taken excellent care of the ThinkPad.  But,
the big gotcha is the hard drive in the X40 series.  It's a 1.8 inch
drive, as compared to the now standard 2.5 inch hard drive used in
laptops.  If the IBM 1.8 inch TravelStar drive dies, you end up with a
beautiful, but unusable, X40.  Of course, you could always use it with
an external USB drive, but then that defeats the design purpose and
extreme portability of an X40.

Re: FS: CHANGED IBM (Lenovo) Thinkpad X40 NEAR-NEW PRISTINE CONDITION (+ no bad pixels) ULTRAPORTABLE, UPGRADED, all docs, X-series $299.95

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Are you saying that these 1.8 inch drives are not replacable? They are
certainly becoming more common, a Sony digital camcorder I bought late
last year has one in it, as do many devices it seems.

Charlie Hoffpauir

Re: FS: CHANGED IBM (Lenovo) Thinkpad X40 NEAR-NEW PRISTINE CONDITION (+ no bad pixels) ULTRAPORTABLE, UPGRADED, all docs, X-series $299.95

Quoted text here. Click to load it


Yes, they are replaceable, but at a price.  I did a search for 1.8
inch drives, and the cost was simply too prohibitive compared to a
"standard" 2.5 inch laptop drive.  Many of the new 1.8 inch drives are
solid-state memory drives, and they too are quite costly.

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