Frustrating problem with used Fujitsu Lifebook and internal CDROM drive (Toshiba CD-R2212)

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I just purchased an excellent condition Fujitsu Lifebook S6110 on EBAY
from a reputable seller.
All the hardware seems to work fine except for the CDROM drive.
What I did notice is that DVDs always play fine, but CDroms and audio
CDs do not. When I turn on the machine after remaining off overnight,
audio and data CDs read fine in Windows 2000 and even on bootup
(tested with bootable CDs).
However an hour or so after the laptop has been on and used, the drive
no longer will read either audio CDs or CDROMS.
You can hear repeated and nervous clicking sometimes and  I get an
error that the disk requires formatting or a message that a disk needs
to be inserted (even though a CD is in the drive). Never during these
tests have I removed the drive from the laptop.  Rebooting does not
fix the problem. Nor will the drive read a bootable disk on bootup
once in this state. The only way to restore normal operation of the
drive is to again leave it overnight while turned off. I used the
window of normal CDROM drive operation to do a fresh install of
Windows XP on my old hard drive. Again, I noticed the same problem. So
we do know that this  problem has nothing to do with the operating
system. I doubt the problem is mechanical/motherboard/motherboard
connector related as DVDs always read and play fine. Nor could the
BIOS cause this problem.  I can only speculate the problem could be a
bad solder connection internal to the drive itself that seems to break
when enough heat reaches the area. I tried to update the firmware of
the drive from the toshiba website
However the program from Toshiba pops up a message that the drive (CD-
R2212) was not detected. I get the same response
from Windows 2000 (on your hard drive) and Windows XP (my hard drive).
Toshiba doesnt seem to provide a proprietary driver for this drive,
relying instead of Windows resident drivers. Another option would be
to use my old CDROM drive (CD-R2412) from my old laptop that fried (a
similar model Fujitsu Lifebook 6120). Windows XP or Windows 2000 both
recognize the drive and apply the necessary Windows driver. However
strangely, neither DVDs nor CDs play in this drive either first thing
in the morning (while the laptop was off) or during daytime operation.
Perhaps the motherboard just doesn't work with my model of CDROM drive
(there is a slight difference 2212 vs. 2412).
I am looking for some insight to this problem

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