Frayed A/C Adapter Cord- Legal to Sell?!

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I received a refurbished laptop with a _frayed_ A/C Adapter cord
wrapped in _scotch_  (not even electrical!) tape. Besides the issue of
the blatant decepton (the only way it would not have been would have
been if the item were listed as "as is", which it was _not_), does
selling a product in such a hazardous condition violate any specific
consumer safety laws? Where can I find out?

Thank you very much for any info.

(and thanks for the replies to my previous posts)

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Re: Frayed A/C Adapter Cord- Legal to Sell?!

First, are you talking about the cord from the wall socket to the
adapter, or the cord from the adapter to the laptop (it makes a big

No, it doesn't violate any specific laws to sell it.  In this country,
you can generally sell anything you want, even if it's unsafe.  You
might become liable for damages if it later caused injury or damage, but
the act of selling it is not illegal.

Should there be injury or damages, an IGNORANT buyer might have grounds
for a lawsuit for damages.  In your case, however, you recognized that
it was damaged and dangerous, so if you then use it anyway knowing that
to be the case, you have probably re-assumed the liability from the
seller.  You do still have grounds for classical misrepresentation
actions against the seller, but that's probably your only recourse.

If it's the cord from the adapter to the wall, it's a $3 to $6 item
(Radio Shack has the most common types).  If it's the permanently
attached cord from the adapter to the laptop, it's a more difficult
repair, and it might be necessary to replace the AC adapter.

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