for a bit of computer history- high speed viewing

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For folks that were around and want to reminisce,or for others that
might be interested in ancient history: is a 90
video of Steve Wosniak telling his story/ the start of Apple Computer
etc. If you don't care about his start... consider it an intro to the
seminar/ his life up to about 25 min:  then at 34 minutes - funny story
about him messing with electronics on friends At about 40 minutes, he
meets up with Steve Jobs at 54 minutes he makes a " Human Keyboard" for
the Apple. At 57 minutes, HP / Aplle decision and official start of a
"real job" at Apple. 1hr18 minutes Visicalc is born 1:21 = Apple 3 and
start of Q+A.

Lots of other videos there too - Palm , the DEC PDP-1 etc


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