FNS Professional Laptop (Anyone heard of them?)

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Well, I have another computer to fix for the family. It is my Uncle In Law's
work laptop. It's only brand tag is a bubble type sticker on top that says
FNS Professional. I cannot find anything on the web, newsgroups, or even
eBay. This thing has a larger screen, and is heavier than my wife's Compaq
laptop that is less than 50Mhz slower. They told me the screen died and then
the harddrive, or in the other order. Well the harddrive does work, as the
laptop boots and presents a fine signal to my external monitor. On the
laptop's own screen I can barely, and I mean barely, make the presence of a
window. It's running Windows XP Pro. I tried to use the "Fn" key and "sun",
plus the arrow keys to adjust the brightness and contrast to no avail.
Anyone ever seen one of these?

FNS Professional (Only model # I find is 8500P and it maybe off some
Intel Pentium III @ 500Mhz

I'm thinking a connection came loose, or so I'm hoping, and the LCD screen's
backlight isn't working for that reason. One can only hope, on a laptop that
you can't find anything on the web for, let alone parts.
Thank you,

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Re: FNS Professional Laptop (Anyone heard of them?)

Could it be a Clevo?

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