Flashing Display - Samsung V20

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I was wondering if anyone has any clues for me. We have two Samsung V20
Celeron laptops which have been stored for about 6 months without
batteries. Now that we come to use them again, they both exhibit the
same problem.

They power up fine, the HDD is doing its thing, etc, but the display
lamps flash slowly on and off. No text or graphics are visible. The slow
flashing stops after a little while and thereafter only does it again
when you try switching from LCD/CRT/LCD+CRT by the keyboard.

External monitor works just fine, and there doesn't seem to be anything
relevant to change in the BIOS. Both units still know what date it is,
what the setup password is, etc, so they probably haven't lost other
CMOS settings.

Any ideas folks? They're a few months out of warranty.

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