Flashing BIOS on an Asus A6Km

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I've flashed my BIOS from version 210SA do 202SA (yes, to an older version)
because it was stated at some gentoo forum that it would help linux to start
properly and not freeze while a USB mouse was attatched. It worked but then
again frquency scaling was gone (in Linux). In Windows everything looked the

My problem is that I cannont flash-back my BIOS to 210SA neither from the BIOS
flash utility (built-in) nor from a WinFlash app provided by Asus. In both ways
there is a message stating that the current BIOS cannot find a new EEPROM (or
something alike)

I don't know what to do since the laptop doesn't have a floppy drive and I
haven't found any Linux flashing tools.

I would be greatful for any advice.

Thanx in advance


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Re: Flashing BIOS on an Asus A6Km

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Perhaps in the CMOS setup utility ("in the BIOS") the 'Flash Write Protect'
is set to enabled, so that flashing of the BIOS is disabled.

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