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Anyone familiar with this ?
I'd like some advice from anyone that has used this successfully to
retiieve data off a dead pc.

I've been trying it to back up a folder and it APPEARS to be hung, but the
gui hasn't changed all day. It WAS copying data slowly and for hours looks
hung. I went to their website and found NO help.

I left them this feedback:
While on vacation my PC crashed and I bought Fix-It Utilities 8 at Best
Buy. Reading the box seemed like just what I needed as the pc was in a
boot loop. After reading the manual and seeing that I would need an Xp
install Cd, I did not use my laptop for the rest of my trip ( I was on
vacation and did not have an XP CD with me). TODAY I am home and booted
the CD on the laptop and hooked up a USB drive to copy files/ recover " my
stuff".  At 10AM, I started to copy my folder from the laptop hdd to a USB
hard drive.  7 hours later it is still copying ... let me rephrase ... it
SHOWS that it is copying but I only see disk activity on the laptop for a
second every 2-3 minutes - WHAT IS IT DOING ?? The activity light on the
USB drive is occasionally active.
For a folder called C:\Documents and settings\Bobb
on the screen the "progress bar" has moved from the far left to now be
UNDER the "U" in "Documents"- and has been for a few hours.  Is it working
I came here for help and tried to find Support for the product. It is NOT
listed ! I did a search for " Fix-It Utilities 8" in support and I got 6
matches and a message that " it" is a common search item so will not be
The 6 matches are "sales promo" related.
I would expect an app such as this to tell me SOMETHING. All I can see is
a nice picture of a disk drive's platters and the heads seeking. Great -
tell me - What am I to do ?
If this it for support I will return it for a refund.

Also, on: /
your webmaster does not know how to spell:
" MyInvoices & Estiamtes Deluxe "

I am not impressed with your company so far: please prove me wrong.


Re: Fix-it Utlities 8

Their website can't log a complaint! I got this:

Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out. does not like recipient.
Remote host said: 554 <[]>: Client
rejected: Client Domain Mismatch
Giving up on

--- Below this line is a copy of the message.

Received: (qmail 17351 invoked by uid 110); 29 Feb 2008 16:42:12 -0700
Received: (qmail 17344 invoked by uid 48); 29 Feb 2008 16:42:12 -0700
Date: 29 Feb 2008 16:42:12 -0700
Subject: Avanquest USA Forums Contact Us Form - Support for Fix-IT 8 and


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Re: Fix-it Utlities 8

- Bobb - wrote:
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Drive to Pleasanton and talk to one of their 73 employees :-) Maybe
that is how you get some support.

This company is just hilarious. Get a load of this.

   "I have just bought Fix-it utilities 8. Whem I ry to install it.
    it starts gets about 3/4 done and quits"

   "Thank you for Choosing Avanquest Software.

    You can use promotion code tech97 to get a 15% discount off of
    any software purchase from our website."

I tried another route. V-com still has a web site, and links from
there go to Avanquest. But the KB article is similarly useless, as
it doesn't even give an email address. =

OK, there is a contact page here.

Using the "Ask a Question" button, takes me here. At least for
product you can select "V-com" and then choose "Fix-it".

Hard to believe a company with 73 employees, would be so hard to reach :-)


Re: Fix-it Utlities 8

- Bobb - wrote:
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I'd say you were out $49.95 or whatever you paid, by the looks of it.
The various avanquest/vcom sites seem to concentrate on sales.
(Making money is more fun than answering questions.)

While impulse shopping is fun, there are times
when you should stop and read some product reviews.

Average user rating 2.5 out of 5. One complaint about
non-existent tech support. There are other sites with
reviews as well. Generally, if the adverts seem wishy-washy, and
cannot explain exactly what they're going to do for you,
then don't expect to get any value from them.

I wonder if you could get your money back, at the store ?

If you want to try a data recovery package, this one is
free as far as I know. While NTFS support is listed as "incomplete",
one poster was able to get data off an NTFS formatted disk.
I've never tried one myself.

That link is one of many from Wasbit's list, shown here:

If you want to tell people what you think of Avanquest, there
is a place for your opinions, here. At least, I think this is
the same outfit.

Good luck,

Re: Fix-it Utlities 8

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Will do, thanks.
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That was ME !! on my neice's Pc last year. ! Small world, huh ?

"While impulse shopping is fun, there are times
when you should stop and read some product reviews."

I was on the road and so had no other PC with me . There were no " PC fix
it shops" nearby - only big box retailers. Staples had nothing. Best Buy
had this and NSW. The comparison on Fix-It8 compares itself to NSW and
iOld System Mechanic ( very USELESS - THAT's what my neice had first tried
before calling me) and of course Fix-It8 does "lots of things" the others
The box states among other things:
"Disaster Recovery:
Rescue your Pc when Windows won't start. Fix and restore your PC back to
perfect health with built-in recovery features".

However, when I try to do that, it prompts me to " insert the Windows CD".
If I had it, I wouldn't need this program ! I would just do a repair.

It states on the box - 90 day money back guarantee - which is the only
reason I bought it, I figured MAYBE I could use my laptop the rest of the
trip ( it had all my pictures, directions, address book, etc on it ).
I can't return to my local Best Buy ( I don't think), since I bought it
900 miles away, so I'll update this thread to let you know when/if I get
my refund.

BTW now that I am home, I do have other resources to fetch my data, but
"fixing" Windows without a restore/reinstall of XP on the HP laptop is now
my goal. ( With their quickrestore CD/ XP CD )

Re: Fix-it Utlities 8

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CD Recovery Toolbox Free 1.0

Re: Fix-it Utlities 8

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It looks to me like that's to recover data off a CD ?
Have you used that to get data off a DISK drive too ?

Re: Fix-it Utlities 8

On Fri, 29 Feb 2008 17:52:27 -0500, - Bobb - wrote:

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Are you attempting to retrieve data from a hard drive or looking for
information about a piece of software?  How is the PC "dead" by the way?  
If the hard drive still spins, pull it out of the PC and plug into a good
system, either with a USB conversion or simply plug it into an IDE or SATA
socket on the good PC's motherboard.  It will then show up as a slave and
you can access that hard drive with whatever operating system your using.  
If your hard drive is not spinning at all when it's powered up, forget
about it.  It's gone.

Registered Linux User #267152

Re: Fix-it Utlities 8

Sorry, I should have explained it all at first:

While running scandisk it lost power ( battery was out too) and when
restarted then went to " System was not shut down normally" screen and
choices of Safe Mode, Normally, Last good etc
None of them work. they all do this:

See XP logo and if I enable debugging I see services start until I see
MUP.SYS and a few seconds later it reboots.

I disabled " restart upon failure" from F8 and then I  see a blue screen
and ' somehting like ' System has problem - disable any disk utilities,
run checkdsk/f  and retry '.

Same thing no matter which choice. I'm not sure what Windows is TRYING to
do when it fails.
I booted Knoppix from Cd and I can see all files/folders OK.
With Fix-It8, I can add an external USB drive and copy files/folders from
laptop to that USB disk fine.
I've been limited as to space on the USB drive so copying 15gb and then
delete it, and copy another 15gb ( Yeah there IS a lot of stuff -
movies,pictures from past few years vacations.

 I looked up at and see that if I press f11 at boot time I can (
and DO ) get to a menu to reformat to factory, but would LIKE to 'repair
XP' is possible and then use laptop as it was.
What I don't know is - can I boot up a MICROSOFT XP CD ( not the HP
RECOVERY CD) and choose repair, and hopefully get XP working again ? If I
choose REPAIR do I need license info ???

I have the 3 backup DVD's that I made when I first turned it on and I also
BOUGHT the restore DVD's (2) from HP. BUT (I think) they will all reformat
back to factory. I would like to avoid that and to also LEARN how to deal
with OEM XP install recoveries.

Thanks Very Much.

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Re: Fix-it Utlities 8

- Bobb - wrote:
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I am not clear about how Fix It comes into play in your problem: "With
Fix-It8, I can add an external USB drive and copy files/folders
from laptop to that USB disk fine". What do you mean? Booting from
fix-it recovery cd? If this is the case, have you run its utility to
check the condition of your disk and partitions ?

Are you confused about data recovery because the Ontrack company that
specialized today in Data recovery, I believe, was the previous owner of
the Fix-It software ?  And any way, from what you say, your problem does
not appear to be data recovery, but repair of a Windows system.

Any way, from what I gather, you do have a corrupted Windows system and
if using Restore has not allowed you to get back on your feet, a Repair
is the first thing to try. You can also look into the utilites under
Recovery tab of the Fix-It utilitie after booting to the program disk or
the emergency disk you seem to have. Normally, when it is installed,
Fix-It creates its own restore point and you  have nothing to lose at
this point to see it can help you out.

I have no precise idea what what kind of problems you will be facing if
you try a Repair using a regular XP disk. Hopefully, someone will help
you figure this out.

John Doue

Re: Fix-it Utlities 8

John Doue wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Use the correct XP CD and "repair install" !  Your license key is on the
sticker attached to your computer.  Look underneath !
Best Regards:

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