fix broken DC-IN pin on Toshiba?

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Where the AC adapter cord connects to the back of my
Toshiba satellite A35 there was a small pin in the
center that has broke and is lost. This makes it
impossible to power or recharge (and therefore use)
this computer.
I was told it could be up to $400 to fix. While its
not worth spending that much i would like to repair it
if possible. A friend suggested i somehow solder a
replacement pin. I don't know if that's even possible,
but assuming it was, there's no guarantee it would work.

(i cut a paper clip to size and used it to get a connection.
this allowed my to get my files, but it was not a very
reliable connection, to say the least)

Should i just junk this computer? Any suggestions would
be greatly appreciated.


Re: fix broken DC-IN pin on Toshiba?

Phillip R wrote:

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You can get replacement jacks and if you know what you are doing solder
it in. If you wreck the motherboard it will be scrap.

You can replace the jack with a lead a few inches long and add an
external inline jack to the lead and that will remove pressure on the
motherboard. Again if you wreck the motherboard it will be scrap.

Or best of all you, for me not you, can send it to me for a very nominal
price, I will fix it and give to a needy poerson.

Ian Singer


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Re: fix broken DC-IN pin on Toshiba?

Don't junk it, under any circumstances [I'd buy it from you if you want
to sell it].

The power jack on most Toshiba models is soldered to the motherboard.
On a few models, the jack mounts to the case and has a very short
"pigtail" cable & plug to the motherboard (only 2 or 3 inches long).  On
models soldered to the motherboard, the only "official" fix is a new
motherboard, Toshiba doesn't sell the jacks as a part and it requires
soldering to a multi-layer PCB to remove the old jack and install the
new one.  For models with the pigtail jack, the jack is it's own part
and can be fairly easily replaced.

Even for models with the jack soldered to the motherboard, the parts can
sometimes be found on E-Bay and a good electronics technician who knows
how to solder can do the job in the time required to remove and
reinstall the motherboard from the computer (which varies from 10
minutes to about two hours) plus about 10 to 20 minutes.  In your case,
as you kind of note, it may even be possible to repair the power jack.
And some of us who repair laptops have a pile of dead laptops from which
we salvage parts, and most of them just conveniently happen to have good
power jacks.

Contact me privately.

Phillip R wrote:
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Re: fix broken DC-IN pin on Toshiba?

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You might find what your looking for here:
I couldn't find specific instructions for repairing the power jack but you
may find some hints about taking it apart if you feel up to it.

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