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Hey all,

My 4.5 year old desktop finally went bust and I am working to get a
new computer. I want to get a laptop because of it's mobility.

I am a heavy computer user who enjoys playing games but my main focus
for my laptop will be memory and CPU. The reason is because my main
use for it is using RAM intensive programs like AutoCAD, Solidworks,

I am hoping to spend under $1000 CAD for a decent laptop.

Some other specifications:

1) Seller must be Canadian or ship within Canada (, [I hate these guys but if there is a good deal I'll
deal with them], etc.). I really don't want to have to deal with US
customs or any of that crap unless someone can convince me that it
would be worth it.

2) I need 4GB of memory, preferably fast memory (800MHz or greater).

I understand that this is a demanding venture and I will probably be
having to hope for deals to get these results. I am working on my own
research starting with, and am now looking at to see my options.

If anyone has any suggestions that would be awesome.


Re: Finding the Perfect Laptop

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4Gb of memory is good particularly if you are using many layers but I doubt
you will be able to tell the difference going from 677Mhz up to 800Mhz.


Re: Finding the Perfect Laptop

1.  No laptop is going to match what the same money would buy in a desktop.

2.  The high end of what you can get in a laptop (at any price) will be
far below the high end of a desktop.

3.  You probably will not be happy with any machine you can get at your
price point if you are looking for a gaming machine.

Dougie wrote:
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Re: Finding the Perfect Laptop

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Well it depends on which games Doug plays, or wants to play.  But
you're right, one needs to spend about 1.5x his budget to get any
kind of serious gaming laptop.

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