Finding replacement LCD screens

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I have a good ACER Aspire 3613 WLCi with a 15.4inch  WXGA CRystalbrite
TFT LCD screen, that is damaged. It has 1280 by 800 pixels.

How can I find a replacement part at an economical price?
how can I find interchangeability lists with other laptops? I might
find a good used screen if I know the interchangeability of my screen.

Re: Finding replacement LCD screens

The only screens you can be sure that will work are the exact screen
that you have (same SCREEN mfgr & model), or other screens that ACER
says are compatible.  Note that manufacturers OFTEN use NON-COMPATIBLE,
NON-INTERCHANGEABLE screens in the SAME model of laptop.  In that case,
to change from one screen to the other, some "other" things have to be
changed as well (anything from a bracket or cable to a totally different

There is no really good general solution to the question you ask.  Some
vendor or web site may have information for one or another particular
LCD or laptop model, but you just have to search for that.  It's
unfortunate that LCD screens are not standarized, but they are not.
There are thousands if not tens of thousands of screens, and for most
purposes, each is unique. wrote:
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Re: Finding replacement LCD screens

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Thanks for the advice , I will be careful. I was hoping there would be
a list somewhere. When I talk to vendors they say not to worry...they
have the one. One vendor said "good thing it is an ACER 3613, they are
all the same...or something like that. I guess I will have to take it
out and get a number to compare with these folks.


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