feasible to view laptop dvd on emerson TV

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We have an HP laptop with win XP and wanted to view a DVD
from the laptop on an Emerson TV screen.

The Emerson TV is an old one from 2001.

Would the picture quality on the TV be better than on laptop?

The laptop is a 13'' screen...

Is it easy to connect the laptop to TV?

Thanks much!

Re: feasible to view laptop dvd on emerson TV

Your anwser for quality is no, however if the tv is larger than 13"
then it would be more plesurable to watch it on the tv. Your computer
most likely has three output possiblites S-video or composite <rca>
cables or a standard moniter plug. If its S-video or composte just plug
the cable from the computer to the tv and enable video out on the
laptop. (usually done by pressing two buttons on the laptop at the same
time IE: FN + F5. If it has a moniter cable plug, your SOL with out a
convertor cable which is expensive compared to just buying a dvd
player. Your tv most likely has a screen resolution of 480p, which is
low quality however in my experience you will notice no quality loose
or gain. It should look the same as a dvd player.

Re: feasible to view laptop dvd on emerson TV

Some laptops have TV outputs, some don't.  The quality will actually not
be nearly as good, but the image will be larger (a LOT larger).

[Easy?  Well, sometimes, getting the TV out from a laptop to work is a
real pain.]

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