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I have a new laptop, and it seems like the big bottle neck is the speed
of the HDD. It's a Fujitsu P7000 and appearantly has a "30 GB; 4200
rpm; P-ATA 100; shock-mounted" HDD.

for more info.

I know they make 5400 rpm laptop HDDs, but my big question is, what
HDD's in the laptop world are known for having the most speed. And are
there any to aviod?

Price is somewhat important, but I can spend up to about $400, and will
be fine with 30-40GB as long as it's significantly faster than my stock

I'd appriciate any input,

Thank you,

--Farrell F.

Re: fast laptop hard drives wrote:

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They make 7200 laptop drives now.

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For less than US$200 (I'm assuming that you're in the US) you can get a
100GB 7200RPM drive.

Bert Hyman    St. Paul, MN

Re: fast laptop hard drives

Actually they make 5400 and 7200 rpm laptop drives.  The issue probably
is the rotational speed.  At the same rotational speed, there is almost
no difference between different drive models, although models with a
larger cache size my provide a slight difference.  But, in any case, the
older and slower 4200 rpm drives are just that .... older and slower. wrote:

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Re: fast laptop hard drives

On 8 Apr 2006 12:02:07 -0700, wrote:

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I prefer Seagate.  Make sure the drive's warranty is valid for 5 years
(should be, on retail-boxed Seagates via reputable vendors).

Here's a list of drives + model numbers + access times when I could
find them (a very general indication of one aspect of speed, but
transfer rate is also related to rotational speed).  You want ATA.
I've listed SATA as well for anyone else looking for info.

Model ST910021A will leave your current drive in the dust, and should
be less than your budget.  Check, but check up on
vendors.  Newegg or Zipzoomfly are good bets.

Seagate drives:
5400rpm ATA:
   160gb: ST9160821a
   120gb: ST9120821A 12.5 ms avg
   100gb: ST9100823A 12.5 ms avg
   100gb: ST9100824A 12.5 ms avg

5400rpm SATA:
   120gb: ST9120821AS 12.5 ms avg
   100gb: ST9100824AS 12.5 ms avg

7200rpm ATA:
   100gb: ST910021A 10.5 ms avg  

7200rpm SATA
   100gb: ST910021AS 10.5 ms avg  

Re: fast laptop hard drives wrote:
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I'm surprised that they are still selling laptops with 30G drives, but
yes that sounds like a serious bottleneck.  Look to for a
7200RPM drive, lots of different options.  I'm kinda partial to
Hitachi drives myself...

Re: fast laptop hard drives

On Sun, 09 Apr 2006 12:43:35 -0400, William P.N. Smith

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William,  Have you had better luck with Hitachi than with Seagate?

Re: fast laptop hard drives

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I don't know that I've bought any Seagate 7200RPM laptop drives, so I
can't really say.  Especially when talking about laptops, I don't
think there _are_ any clear winners, and laptop drives are subject to
such variable stresses that they should be considered expendable
repair items.  The main advantage of the warranty is that you'll get
another spare drive from the manufacturer(*) when it breaks and you
order a new one, not that the drive will last it's warranty period.

(*) As soon as you get any drive, goto the manufacturer's WWWebsite
and check the warranty status.  I've bought a Hitachi drive from CDW
that (I discovered much later) had _NO_ warranty, and I've recently
fought a rather frustrating battle with Wasted Digital over three
drives with "5 year warranty" that had 2.7 years left when I queried
their WWWebsite.  [The CDW rep wouldn't return my queries, so they are
off my list, and WD finally came thru, FWIW.]  Anyway, check all new
drives when you get them and make sure the warranty is what you
expect.  Save packing lists and everything else until you get the
product or warranty term you want.

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