fan noise Sony VGN-TXN15P

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The fan goes on and off constantly, even if the computer is sitting unused
on a table. It goes on for about 8 seconds and off for a bit longer. The
vent underneath the notebook is not blocked and I've even tried to place
something under the notebook so the vent is not touching the table at all.
If I go into my browser and click on a link, it will rev up louder and
longer.  I did not notice this noise the first couple of months and then
suddenly it has started and it won't stop. I find I have to go into standby
mode when I'm not using the notebook instead of just leaving it running.

I've seen a reference to fan noise in various Sony VAIO notebooks by
googling, but those all referred to replacing the fan.

Any comments or suggestions?  Thank you.

Re: fan noise Sony VGN-TXN15P

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The one thing you can do is to check that the airways through the cooling
system are not obstructed.  The airways are usually quite narrow and easily
block with dust and fluff.  A good way to clear them is to apply a decent
vacuum cleaner to the air inlet and suck the dirt out the way it went in.
You should do this regularly.

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