Fan noise on Asus M70VM-X1

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Does anyone regard fan noise as being suspicious on an Asus M70VX-X1

It made a loud grinding noise quite a lot of the time before I put
some WD40 (reasonably carefully) in the fan area. then the metallic
grinding stopped and now it just makes a very loud and unhealthy
sounding noise on wake up from Ubuntu.

This noise almost completely stops after about 45 seconds when LInux
has started up and I dont hear it again. Which I also find suspicious,
after all, no computer really runs cold and surely I should hear it
cutting in and out at full force occasionally as I use it?

But the fan isnt jammed and the computer doesnt seem to be

Does anyone know if this fan is easy to take out and clean or replace
please? It LOOKS like a fan on my Pavilion N5415 which went down and
couldn't be repaired without taking almost the whole motherboard out
and stripping he whole computer down to the bare nuts and bolts!

Re: Fan noise on Asus M70VM-X1

On 5/7/2012 9:47 AM, myfathersson wrote:
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Not sure what you mean by that, but it sounds bad.  It's a solvent
that leaves a residue that attracts gunk...and it may be all over the
place now.

then the metallic
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Does sound like a fan problem, but you've gotta lubricate the bearing.
That means finding the hole on the backside of the fan , typically
under a label, and oil it.  WD-40 is not normally used as a lubricant.

That's not a trivial task on most laptops.
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Yep, that's typical.

Re: Fan noise on Asus M70VM-X1

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Problem is that the screen has just gone on this laptop and i am a bit
reluctant to spend money on a 4 year old computer if there is a chance
that the fan will cause the whole thing to overheat sooner or later
and stop working like the N5415! Otherwise this was a great computer.
And ou seem to think I wont be able to replace the fan if it does go

i just can't figure out why the fan start up so strongly and then
doesn't run as fast whenever it is being controlled by Linux Ubuntu
(Mint Lisa)

Re: Fan noise on Asus M70VM-X1

On 5/7/2012 3:48 PM, myfathersson wrote:
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I didn't mean to imply that.
You probably can find a way to replace the fan.
I've taken fans apart, cut the shroud, drilled holes in the web
and cobbled them onto video card heat sinks.
You might even find an OEM fan on the web.

My experience is that tiny fans fail.  You can oil them, or you can
replace them, then oil the replacement later.
If you wait too long, oil won't do it any more.

I have one laptop where I drilled a hole in the metal cover so I
can stick a hypodermic thru the label to oil the fan without
disassembly.  That only works on "box fans".  Fans integrated
into a processor heat sink have to be disassembled.
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Typically, a laptop fan starts at maximum speed, then slows down
to whatever the temp sensor wants after it boots.  If the thing doesn't
boot, you want the default fan speed to be max, not zero.

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