fan noise of Sony Vaio VGN-S5 (resp. -S4) series?

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Hi all,

I am very interested in the Sony VGN-S5... series (especially the ...HP
and ...XP models). But since I am very noise sensitive, I am wondering
about the fan noise that notebook makes.

In my case only notebooks are worth considering which have fans that are
switched off most of the time. It is self-evident that the fan will have to
run while doing gpu- and/or cpu-intesive work, but it should be off during
every day work like text-editing, writing mails and surfing the web.

What are your experiences on fan-noise with the VGN-S5 (or the alleged quite
similar VGN-S4) series? Did undervolting or speedstep (lowering the CPU
from ~2GHz to ~1GHz should be ok for surfing and email) possibly help?

Thanks for any hint!


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