Fan making clicking noise

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Sometimes my Toshiba A80 makes a clicking noise like the fan is hitting
something. I would like to open it up and see if there is somthing
obviously wrong or maybe even replace the fan. Anyone, who knows where
to find a disassembly of that model or maybe even the service manual
would be appreciated.

The part # of the system is PSA80A-01K009, though I doubt that matters.

I'm sorry if this is a typical message you get all the time.

Ben Pazolli

Re: Fan making clicking noise

While I haven't had any experience pulling one of these apart (I may have at
one stage, but it is long since forgotten) I have found that often the
models toshiba releases are remarkably similar to those with slightly higher
numbers (ie the A10 vs the A15)... This site might help you a bit, currently
they do not have a disassembly guide for an A80 but they do have one for an

Service manuals for many models exist, but are a lot harder to find for the
newer models, probably because they only exist in the authorised sections of
the Toshiba site, which are password protected and usually only available to
repair centres...The part number will help anyone who does have access to
the manuals though, so if anyone out there has a login to the toshiba
partner site they should be able to look it up and find a service manual so
they can give you disassembly advice (giving out the manual would probably
get them in trouble!)

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Re: Fan making clicking noise

Toshiba models ending in Zero are IDENTICAL to those ending in 5 but
with otherwise the same model number.  E.G. a Toshiba A10 and an A15 are
identical (except for differences indicated by the configuration suffix,
but the chassis are the same).  They have been that way forever (for
more than a decade).  They do that to indicate the marketing channel.
The "5" models are intended for retail distribution, the "0" models are
intended for non-retail distribution.  The software loads may differ
(significantly), and the warranties may be different, but, as another
example, a 1410 and a 1415 are the same hardware, as are the 2800 and
2805, etc.

Red_Wolf_2 wrote:
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Re: Fan making clicking noise

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are you positive that the source of the noise is the fan, and not the hard

hard disks definitely 'click' like that when there is something wrong...

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